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Our Services or the "And More" Part.

Our HQ is in San Diego. So most of our business happens in sunny Southern California, which extends to as far away as Oxnard / Santa Barbara or even to sunnier Palm Springs! We'll deliver 'almost anywhere', (but consider the mileage: long distances can get pricey). Sometimes out of the ordinary situations can add costs. Hard to reach venues like top floors via tiny elevators, or outdoor set-ups where potential wind calls for sandbags, and other challenging circumstances… can add labor costs to set-up and delivery. We carry insurance but safety is our # 1 priority.

In San Diego we do BBD's ( Bulletin Boards ), WB's (Whiteboards) Flipcharts, Easels and Staging. For Product Display, consider our high 4'x4' staging segments to display your premier products on.. THINK - Out - Of - The - Box !

In Los Angeles we primarily do Bulletin Board / Poster-session Rentals and whiteboard rentals. If you're interested in staging or camera  risers, please let us  know ahead of time so we can set that up.

In San Francisco, & The Bay Area, so far, we 'just' do Bulletin Board / Poster Session Set-ups. We plan on adding Whiteboards soon. We have connections for excellent A-V in the chilly city, and they can also provide you with staging.

All locations have 4'x6' and 4'x8' Bulletin Boards, but numbers may be limited depending on lead time. Please call. -- FYI: ( ' ) Means "foot"! --

Stages can be assembled to height multiples of 8" ( 8",16", 24", 32"…. ) What's handy is, they come in rolling cases that fit in standard elevators. Go ahead and have that awards ceremony on the top floor!

We do business with professional AV ( Audio Visual) Companies… in all areas including SF/SJ ( San Francisco / San Jose ) – and as far as Sacramento.
We can help you find lots of meeting 'accoutrements' like Draping…. Video Cameras (or Professional Video Production) Colored LED lighting, high intensity industrial projectors, etc. In San Diego we seem to be the only guys with an electronic whiteboard ! -- Whatever your meeting needs are, let us know. – We can probably help.

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