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Do you know if Ramps available to the location?
Height :
IMPORTANT: If using an Elevator will it hold the 4x6’ or 4x8’ boards?

Time frame, from

Deadline :

Time frame, from

We recommend positioning the boards perpendicular to main entrances so the posters are easier to find.*But…(*if the room is poorly lit you may want to orient them perpendicular to windows –the opposite of the above!).

RE: Lighting. Will the posters be readable? Sunlight from windows can help in daytime. -- Will you print numbers to assign the posters?-- A small cup of push-pins is provided on each face of each board.

Other activities in the room: Exhibits / Meals / Buffet Setup /Cocktail party or other equipment / tables and chairs for persons to rest / water stations / games….etc.

Finally: If you decide to use our services, with credit card payment there’s a 3-4% fee. TY!