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Our bulletin boards come in 2 basic sizes: 4' x 6' and 4' x 8'. ( but we can flip them vertical: 6'x4' or 8'x4' ! ) If your meeting / postersession room(s) are smaller you may want to go with the 4' x 6's. If you're not sure of the sizes of your presenters posters, and you have the space, it's usually better to go with the 4' x 8's.
We Got  Stages! -- ( in  SoCal )
Our professional stages come in wheeled cases which makes them highly portable. The cases fit in passenger elevators so they can get to the top floor, & they can roll through tight hallways. We assemble them quickly and they are incredibly strong and secure. One or two taller sections is perfect for your camera operator to "shoot" over the crowd and get you a clear, uninterrupted shot. There are a lot of uses for staging: from elevating your entertainment or wedding party, or to adding prestige to an awards ceremony. They come in heights from 8" to almost 32 ( or more... : )  You can choose from the Traditional Black Draped or the Geometric High Tech look. Great too for product display!
This  is a  wrap.....
We are the economical and professional solution for your next poster-session! Large meeting or small, we coordinate with you, your staff and your venue to get everything set -up on time and looking good.  We've been doing this over at 12 years.. have been in almost every major hotel in SoCal and many major hotels in the Bay Area already.  We're familiar with working through  challenges, working with people, and making things happen.
Compare our prices with our competitors. Most have exorbitant rental and delivery charges. Often they charge for a minimum of 20 boards at a time... which can get very expensive for you or for your clients. Except for holidays we don't charge overtime for working weekends, or for delivering outside of regular working hours ( most of our competitors do).
Call or e-mail us today! 619-804-0002       jsamford@bulletinBoardsAndMore.Com or samford7_1999@yahoo.com
If you would like to see or download some pictures, we're also in Facebook under " Poster Session ". Thank you for your interest!